Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does it mean anything when girls paint their nail different colors?

I saw a show where they say that kids are using different fingernail colors to define how far they will go sexually.Does it mean anything when girls paint their nail different colors?
No. It does mean something. girls at my school did that, but they got ovr that. For my school the different colors were different guys they liked. Hope I could help!Does it mean anything when girls paint their nail different colors?
I have a friend who paints her nails every day, different colors, and it really just means she likes painting them, likes how they look, and feels girly when she has her nails all ';prettied up.'; Unless she changes how far she will go every day...lol. but that's definitely not it.
Heh, well, who knows maybe some people do, but the colour of my nails has never meant a thing. Well, except that they were black a little more often during my goth phase, and that meant ';I am dark like a vampyre'; or something. But now if they're black it just means I was wearing a black shirt when I did my nails.
I just like to alternate colors

Right now I am white

I had them dark red before

And before that they were dark green

And before dark purple

And before silver blue

And before light blue

And before that they were lemon yellow

And before that (this is as far as I can remember) I think they were light pink
lmfao, never heard that before.

when i do it just do it to be different and have bright colors on my nails.

theres no secret message, it's nail polish.

mostly we just paint them to be different and to add something cool. its like another ACCESSORY.

red can SOMETIMES mean that they want attention

but don't judge people on nail color
Sometimes depending on the girl. Like if they are usually around guys and stuff and are all ways changing their nail colors so then maybe.
ha well some people probably do that i guess, but most girls just do it for fun.

answer mine?


thanks :)
Wow, never heard of that.

You know, most girls just paint their nails to whatever matches... lol..

To match their clothes, eyes, etc.
girls wear whatever color nail polish they like

it has NOTHING to do with what they will do sexually
No it just means they have so many pretty colors they want to wear them all.
They said the same thing about jelly bracelets back in the day. I don't believe it.

I just thought it meant they're bored and have no life.
no, girls usually just do it for fun
Er, in a word, no.
Never heard of this, i just like the colors ... thats why my friends to it too .
interesting, i wear black nail varnish on a night out! what does that mean then ?
No, it just means that you have too much free time
thats a load of crap, we choose different colours because they look nice . lmao
';I've never heard of that';
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