Sunday, February 7, 2010

How do I remove nail polish from a wall without taking the paint off with it?

I can't remember what the correct name is but the spongy white magic eraser by Mr. Clean takes off permanent ink marker so it might work for nail polish. It might be worth a try.

When I was a renter and had stains on the walls I used craft paints mixed with white wall paint to match the color of the wall and then used it to touch up the left behind spots. Works very well if you are good at working with colors till you get it right. Be sure your wall paint is flat ,semi-gloss, or high gloss to match with what is already there, in case you end up having to touch up your walls after removing the fingernail polish.How do I remove nail polish from a wall without taking the paint off with it?
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Most nail polishes are likely to take the paint off too. I owuld suggest going over the area lightly with Turpentine.. it wont take the apint off. Then just wash it off when the nail polish is gone. Good luck
try polish remover. you may have to touch up the areas where the paint was removed. use polish on your nails in the future.
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